Ken has been playing piano for his own amusement since his very early years when he started to pick out tunes on his grandparents old piano. He was fortunate in having parents who recognised and encouraged this ability and bought their own second-hand upright for him to play.


Formal piano lessons failed to motivate him owing to the boring tunes he was given to learn but he continued to develop his ability to play pop and jazz tunes by ear. During his school days studying music, he would spend evenings with friends listening to jazz. Later on, a career in marine insurance coupled with marriage and family life left him little time for his music but he still used his piano-playing as therapy to help him unwind after a stressful day at the office.


It has only been during the last few years, since taking early retirement from insurance, that he has started playing in bands and studios with other musicians, initially in his pre-IOW stomping ground, Horsham / Crawley area which, like the IOW, has a lively music scene. Among bands he played with there were dance band Firefly and country jazz group The Everglades.


Having moved to the Island, studio work came along initially, working for Staff Brett on his album Moodswings and Personalities. He then met up with other local musicians. In May 2006 Cool Connection was formed.


Ken looks forward to more good music and good times ahead.!